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Screenplay by: Ronald Harwood

Starring: David Suchet

Producer: Matthew Mitchell

Producer: Geoffrey Wansell

Head of Production: Paul Sarony

Genre: Drama

Man and Boy is a film adaptation of the 1961 play by Sir Terence Rattigan which he believed to be his masterpiece.  The play has had great success on stage in both the US and the UK, including the 2005 West End production starring David Suchet, who will reprise his role in our film.

Rattigan is acknowledged as one of the greatest British dramatists of the 20th Century and was an Oscar nominated screenwriter.  Our film is a faithful adaptation of Rattigan's work which Bernard Levin described as 'Mr Rattigan's best play, and one of the most fascinating pieces of theatre to have come our way for many years.'

Set in New York's Greenwich Village in 1934, the film tells the story of millionaire financier, Gregor Antonescu, who suddenly finds himself on the verge of ruin and is determined to use any means at his disposal to save his fortune and reputation.  His morally hideous choice is to use his son (the 'boy' of the title) to seduce one of his business rivals, a married homosexual, into saving his company.

A fascinating exploration of the relationship between father and son, the film also paints a portrait of a man who is truly evil and is an examination of the lengths a person will go to in order to achieve their goals. Rattigan wrote that he was 'showing the audience the Devil.'

Man and Boy Film Ltd. is developing this new screen adaptation and has commissioned a script from Oscar-winning screenwriter and three-times Oscar nominee, Ronald Harwood.

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